Hi, I'm Andrew Askins. Welcome to the Disco Shrimp Company.In the late 70s, my uncle and his best friend noticed that shrimp prices were skyrocketing in South Carolina.So they bought an old van and drove from Myrtle Beach to the Gulf Coast and back in one day, selling shrimp out of the van and calling it the Disco Shrimp Company.There wasn't much planning involved, and they didn't sell a lot of shrimp. But they had an idea and they went after it.They were searching for the same things that drive us all to start a business - freedom, autonomy, and really good seafood.Today, we no longer sell shrimp, but we still live by that same scrappy, entrepreneurial spirit.Current Projects:
- Product Consulting
- andrewaskins.com, Blog and newsletter
Past Projects:
- Krit, Product design agency (acquired 2022)
- Albatross, SaaS (shut down 2017)
- George & Co, eCommerce (shut down 2016)
- Ink, SaaS (shut down 2016)

Product ConsultingI will occasionally take on 1-2 consulting clients. I offer workshops and coaching on product strategy, discovery techniques, delivery methods, and hiring technical talent.Interested? Fill out the form below...

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